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We learn best when we are inspired and with CTO you will learn from the very best in the performance horse industry. Inside our exclusive members’ area, you will find a library of short training videos from leading competitors across the country who will demonstrate the various training techniques and competition strategies that have led to their successes. A minimum of four new videos will be added to the library each month.

Team CTO offers training for all ages and all skill levels. Our educational videos are carefully constructed to be easily and quickly digested so you can immediately apply them in the real world. Our videos, available on demand, cover an extensive range of topics including: Fundamentals; Cattle Picking; Yard Work; Horse Work; Other Training Aids; Problem Horses; Judging; and other Specialty Content.

Becoming part of Team CTO will enable you to stream competition tips and tricks, and training strategies to all your devices on demand. Simple, easy to understand packages offering high quality content that is regularly updated offering exceptional value for money.



This section contains all the videos uploaded in the last two months to save you looking for new content.



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Okay so establishing the fundamentals in your training program might be a tad boring but they're essential. This section will help you understand more about some of the dry work techniques people use and specifically how it helps to improve your performance.


Codie Law, Ben Tapp

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Cattle Picking

Cattle picking can appear to be somewhat of a dark art however most that are good at it are looking for specific attributes, behaviours, and mannerisms in the cattle they pick. Identifying these characteristics can help you identify effective strategies to work them in the yard and how to chase them outside.


Ben Tapp

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Yard Work

Although there are only 26 points up for grabs in the yard it is critical to achieve a decent yard score to remain in contention. Many drafts are won by very close margins. Increasing your average yard score by a point or two could make a huge difference to your overall performance. Leading competitors have strategies they use, and leading trainers put a strong foundation in their horses to enable them to consistently outperform others.


Ben Tapp, Tim McCarthy

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Horse Work

The percentage of outside scores and full courses can be significantly less than 20% and 10% respectively. Split second decisions are made in competition which can be the difference between success and failure. If you're able to improve your decision making and the responsiveness of your horse it will improve your campdraft performance. And if your horse understands the objective they may even prevent you from making costly mistakes. There are numerous techniques used by competitors to maximise their horse work points while minimising the risk of cutting a peg or missing the gate. Effective trainers take the horse through exercises that will help it complete difficult manoeuvres at pace while remaining calm in a high pressure environment.


Rob Leach, Ben Tapp, Codie Law, Tim McCarthy

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Other Training Aids

While there is no substitute to fresh cattle for training campdraft horses, it is not always an easy task for most to achieve. Other training aids are frequently used as a substitute for cattle, including bison, mechanical cows (or flags) and quads. These training aids don't go stale like cattle and can be ready to roll in a short period of time. BEWARE: there are traps with training aids. This section will help you to avoid 'the traps' and identify what types of training aids will assist you and your horse to improve performance.


Rob Leach

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What's that got to do with you as a competitor. A lot! If you can appreciate what judges are looking for it can direct you in how you approach your run. Judges have the unenviable task of trying to score an immense amount of runs. You can differentiate yourself by quickly interpreting the judge’s instructions and understanding what the judge (or judges as a whole) are looking for. Find out from leading judges what they are looking for in a run.


Codie Law, Ben Tapp

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Problem Horses

If you haven't encountered a problem in your horse’s campdrafting then you haven't been at it for long. The reason you rarely see elite competitors encounter similar issues is because they have specific ways to avoid common problems in their horses and if necessary how to fix them. In this category, we will investigate commonly experienced problems and you will benefit from specific advice on how to either avoid, fix or manage these issues.


Rob Leach

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Point of View Run Reviews

Team CTO is going to launch with what we believe is a first for campdraft training, Point of View Run Reviews. By providing a visual view of the rider in actual competition we can provide our members with unique insights into how competitors go about picking cattle, setting up their runs and how they navigate horse and beast around the course, helping you get a competitive advantage.


Tim McCarthy, Ben Tapp

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Specialty Content

There's a lot to the sport of campdrafting and an art to getting into a competition mindset. We hope you find something interesting and informative in this section to get your 'campdraft fix' while waiting for the next event to start.


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Other Resources


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