Frequently asked questions related to this site are covered under the headings below.  If you have a query that is not addressed in this section please contact us.

Forgotten your password?

Please use the following link to reset your password:

Reset Your Password

How can I change or cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription go to my account page and click unsubscribe.  Please note we don’t provide refunds therefore we require you to unsubscribe at least 48 hours prior to the next payment date.

If you wish to do so you can resubscribe after cancelling to an alternative type of subscription (i.e. Annual instead of Monthly).

Having trouble streaming videos?

One of the following suggestion may help:
* Try reducing the screen resolution in the video (try 540p or lower instead of HD).
* Disable any ad blocker plugins on your browser.
* Check your firewall settings.
* Try an alternative browser (i.e Google chrome instead of Internet Explorer).

If you’re still having trouble please contact us.

How can I update my credit card details?

Make sure you’re logged in. Go to payment methods from my account and provide alternate card details and then select the new card.

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