Team CTO Harnessing the knowledge of the campdraft elite to help you with your training and competition.

Who is the team?

Well the team is all the contributors and all the members. We want to ensure that we’re providing the content that is best suited to YOU. One of our goals is to improve the knowledge within our sport and the standard of competition. For that to happen we need to know what will help YOU improve. This will be done through innovative feedback loops and of course your input. We want to know what you want more information on or what topics you like.

You can feel a bit isolated when campdrafting as it’s not always easy to find out the information you need. When you think of team sports you have other team members and of course the coach to refer to. We would like to create this environment through the CTO site.

We are developing surveys to find out what you would like to see and how it may help you. In the mean time drop CTO an email via the contact page. We welcome all feedback!

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